Gemmi Pass

Today’s fun was to head up and over the Gemmi Pass from Kandersteg. Then to descend the other side (steep) and enjoy some outdoor (and indoor) thermals pools before the long commute to Bern. On the way we stopped by a farm to purchase fresh goats cheese to add to our picnic lunch. Yum.


I’ve written about this adventure in the past. Today we alighted at Wimmis and summited the Stockhorn. We didn’t see a thing from the top. But we certainly enjoyed watching many baby marmots play – what a treat. And who can’t resist hiring a scooter from a farmer at the top of the mountain and descending 1500 vm to the train station where one simply leaves the scooter on the side of the road in a designated area. B loved it. Welcome to Switzerland!

Schilthorn 007

Today i headed back to the Jungfrau region. It’s one of my favourites and I’d planned to go a few times this week but the weather has been miserable !!! (So miserable that i need a few more !!!s) Today was my last day to hike and the best forecast since i’d arrived so I had all my fingers and toes crossed for good views.

I was off to a good start. I could see that amazing view i’ve missed, the Alps sitting on the horizon hugging Bern.

IMG_5103   IMG_5108

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Reutigen – Stockhorn – Erlenbach i.S.

It took a bit of coaxing to leave the house this morning (and decide on a hike, given the forecast!) At 11:50 i got off the bus at Reutigen and headed uphill. It wasn’t long before a yellow sign confirmed i was walking in the direction of Stockhorn and not Wimmis. If you haven’t hiked in Switzerland/europe before, the trail, esp in the german-speaking part of switzerland is littered with signs and well-trodden paths. These are pretty handy when you’re walking through a cloud, as was to happen once more today.

IMG_5052 IMG_5063

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The day started a little stressful. We missed the tram since I couldn’t find my hiking boots. Turned out (I found out later) my hostess’ flatmate had taken them the day before when she moved out because she thought they belonged to her mother … Luckily I had my running shoes with me as well.


After staying up late last night to decide on the driest place to go hiking today, the start of the hike was looking ominous (low, thick clouds). The small hope was that the tiny window of blue sky that we saw for 1.5 minutes would get larger …

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Chocolate, chocolate, everywhere

As proof that I’m not always out enjoying the great outdoors, but sometimes the indoors too, I was treated to a truffle course at the Callier Chocolate Factory in Broc today (thanks C!) With Callier apron and hat on we managed to get chocolate everywhere but also left with impressive looking truffles.

IMG_4826 IMG_4850

The course also includes entry to a factory tour, which was also an interesting lesson in the history of chocolate. Afterwards, with stomach aches from all the tastings, we braved the rain and checked out Jogne Gorge before making our way back home and indulging at the Street Food Fair that’s in town for the weekend.

IMG_4855 IMG_4857