Schilthorn 007

Today i headed back to the Jungfrau region. It’s one of my favourites and I’d planned to go a few times this week but the weather has been miserable !!! (So miserable that i need a few more !!!s) Today was my last day to hike and the best forecast since i’d arrived so I had all my fingers and toes crossed for good views.

I was off to a good start. I could see that amazing view i’ve missed, the Alps sitting on the horizon hugging Bern.

IMG_5103   IMG_5108

My plan was to hike up the Schilthorn. It’s known to a lot of tourists as the James Bond mountain. But i didn’t catch the cable car up and i hiked a rather round about way to avoid seeing the cable car too. It’s located in the valley of the seventy-two waterfalls. Here you can go up on one side and hike next to the Eiger, say. Or you can we wowed by the sheer power of the Truemmelbach Falls. Or … Or … Or you can hike up the other side and get more of a panorama view of the mighty mountains. The later was my choice for today. I’ve done a lot of the other tracks before.

I’d gotten up before the crack of dawn but it clearly wasn’t early enough. Not long after i started hiking i could see clouds forming off the peaks around me. The Schilthorn seemed to be covered by quite a cloud (doh!) For a while i thought it might lift. As i hiked up it was lifting as well but once i hit 1800m i was in it for keeps. At 2500m a few bits of snow could be seen. At 2970m i joined the throng of tourists at the top. What surprised me was receiving a round of applause as i came up the stairs onto the deck!

IMG_5124 IMG_5151

The clouds were pretty thick and visibility was almost zilch. Occassionally i could see blue sky about and a peak to the west.

IMG_5162 IMG_5166

I stood out in my shorts and raincoat and soon an elderly gentleman and his wife started chatting to me. Turns out he’d hiked these mountains in his late 20s too. Before i knew it we were chatting about Greenland, one of the next big adventures i’m planning, and walked away with a list of hiking areas to look up. Yay!

IMG_5178 IMG_5180

I stayed at the top for 2 hours hoping for a view and watching *i don’t know how many* tourists arrive and leave, whilst some japanese teenages threw snow around and were sliding all over the shop.

IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5201

I enjoyed the solitary walk down (well my knees didn’t) and went ‘home’ for one last wander around town before moving north.


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