Another long study of the weather maps. Today I decided to head back to an area I’ve been to before. I had high hopes to climb the Strahlhorn (the smaller one) but it was not to be.

At least I could see *something* from the train today.


But then I ascended into the cloud, where even my eyelashes got damp while wearing a hat.

IMG_4974 IMG_4975

I took the tunnel to avoid a climb

IMG_4977 IMG_4979

And it looked better on the other side!


What I love about this hike is that you can see the peaks around you, but if it’s your first time, you still don’t know about the wonder coming up. You just need to be a little closer, or slightly higher up…

Here the first glimpse of the ice


And then this! (I’ve walked on a bit further now)


The clouds came back to surround the Aletsch and then me … but I was glad to see my favourite glacier again.



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