The day started a little stressful. We missed the tram since I couldn’t find my hiking boots. Turned out (I found out later) my hostess’ flatmate had taken them the day before when she moved out because she thought they belonged to her mother … Luckily I had my running shoes with me as well.


After staying up late last night to decide on the driest place to go hiking today, the start of the hike was looking ominous (low, thick clouds). The small hope was that the tiny window of blue sky that we saw for 1.5 minutes would get larger …

Here a sign that told us what we should see … and what we did see

IMG_4867  IMG_4868

Thankfully we picked the right valley. We didn’t get too wet and there were little gaps in the clouds from time to time to see a few peaks and glaciers.

IMG_4899  IMG_4933

Occasionally we heard mini avalanches (although one of them sounded pretty decent) but could never see them, since they were always covered by cloud. We also heard marmots and saw a couple of baby ones.

IMG_4927  IMG_4884



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