100 Man Cave Overnight Hike

Faced with the prospects of a wet weekend, I decided to take the group out to Kanangra instead of exploring the Garden of Stones NP (which took another 2 attemps before i made it out there. See here). None of us had been to Kanangra before and we were in for an absolute treat.

IMG_8162 IMG_8168

Day One was overcast but clear enough to see our route and the many cliffs and waterfalls on the way. Around the Kilpatrick Causeway we hiked, then along the Craft Walls and afterwards we ticked off High and Mighty, Mt Stormbreaker, and the knolls Rip, Rack, Roar and Rumble (I love the names out here) before hitting Mt Cloudmaker and sunset. It was time to pull out the map, compass and head torches and take a last bearing. I’ve never had to navigate in the dark before but eventually we came upon the cave … I’d been standing on top of it!


It’s a massive overhang (but not as large as the nearby 1000 Man Cave) with camp spots, seating, candles and everything. We made dinner, made artistic photos with our head torches and turned in for the night.


It was nice not to need my tent.


Breakfast comprised of hot cross buns and heated bananas (yum) before we headed back via the same route and a stop in at Dance Floor Cave. We had perfect blue skies and very fine views!

IMG_8251IMG_0437  IMG_0430  IMG_8253

I didn’t know it at the time, but a few months later I saw our route from the air. See this post.


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