A search in the bush

Today, with an overnight bag packed, I joined a group and headed out on my first search. It was quite a surreal experience. It was strange to head out without a particular viewing point as my destination. It was also my first time being flown into a hike, which, surprisingly, I found a little disorientating for a moment until I got my bearings once more. Sillily I’d knelt in stinging nettle as the helicopter took off once more, promising to pick us up the following day “weather permitting” !

We searched for two full days. Looking for traces of activity and fanning out along both banks of the river. Sadly we didn’t locate the missing person. But it did make me reflect on the safety processes I have in place when I head into the bush. Are they good enough to assist search efforts if something goes wrong ??

P.s. First trip sleeping under a tarp, first time setting up and using a HD radio, and I almost stepped on that massive tiger snake…




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