Lake district fastpack – Day 1

We arrived in Windermere at 11pm last night due to late trains and missed connections. A quick stop at the supermarket for milk and I realised this trip needed a bit more planning on my front… I only had two muesli bars packed as I thought we were going through towns for both lunch and dinner, but in fact it would be only dinner. B had lots of food packed for himself. LOL oops. With lots of exciting treats in the shopping basket we got to bed and left final packing for the morning. (We’d packed our bags in Prague and taken them as our carry on luggage, with everything else checked in).

Windermere was buzzing this morning with people perusing the little shops and lined up for cruises. The weather was beaut!

We caught the bus to Troutbeck and then the ascent started. No warm up, just straight up! (At the early hour of past midday – the bus only runs 2 hourly).

Today was gorgeous and stunning. Turns out it’s also 3 years to the day since we met. (I hadn’t realised…)

I enjoyed B’s company as we chatted away on the ascents and ran the descents together. So good to be up in the hills. (And so good that my foot is behaving today.)

We’re now camped on a farm in Pattersdale. We had a refreshing (and pretty chilly!) swim in the lake with another lady who coaxed us all in! And were rewarded with a hot (!!!) shower afterwards. A hearty meal at the local pub and now we’re ready for bed even though the sun hasn’t set yet. What a magical day :)

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