A night to myself

Last week I realised that I haven’t posted here in a year. That’s made me quite sad as I’ve been on a lot of special adventures in that time and now I can’t read back over them. In an effort to get back into the habit, here’s a quick post on my train ride home.

There had been a plan for Sat but my partner in adventure was suddenly sick. I felt a bit like I needed some nature but even moreso like I should clear out and give him some space. A rush followed to come up with a plan and then I was off – on my first trip camping out solo in OZ.

I’ve camped solo in other countries but never in Australia – I guess I’ve always been a little scared of what could happen/disappear in the Australian bush. Maybe I’m just more naive about other countries?!?

View from Wondabyne station

I got going at around 2:30pm, which meant alighting at 4pm. A lady struck up a conversation with me and asked if I was done walking for the day. I replied I was just starting, which of course got a concerned look.

The trail up from the station
Trail up from the station

I’d decided to take on a new section of the Great North Walk. Heading north towards Scopas Peak. I knew there was a campsite at Pile Creek but had plans to camp sooner if the opportunity presented itself. I do like High Camps.

As soon as I was on top of Scopas Peak the sound of the M1 was a lot more pronounced. Even though I found a few places to camp I decided to press on too find a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Lots of lovely bare rock

I did pass one tent that had gone to a lot (!) of effort to find large rocks to secure their tent. I found a spot I could have used just around the bend but decided I didn’t want to be so closely camped to another when I hadn’t met them (to gauge safety :p)

Then it was time to get out the head torch. Which matched my slightly black mood.

Thankfully I did not have to walk across this to camp
Instead there was a nice sturdy bridge to cross Pile Creek
And finally I was at camp, a little after 6pm

The Pile Creek clearing has lots of space and even some logs set up for seating. I got dinner on, the tent up, and enjoyed feeling warmer sitting outside than in my new rental!

Then I retired for a good 12 hours. I just woke up every now and again to turn over and because of an owl hoot hooting nearby (which I welcomed). Thankfully there was no noise of the M1 except the odd truck, but very distantly. There was some rain overnight so it was a good thing I brought the tent.

T’was a welcomed surprise to see what I’d camped next to upon rising!

I decided to continue along the GNW for a few kms while I waited for the tent to dry.

Then I completed the Pile Creek loop (the long way) before finding some ‘fun’ trails behind the Scout Park.

On the Pile Creek loop
A ‘fun’ trail

I was now headed to Point Clare to visit a friend. I went via Lyre Trig.

A good descent and then a nice late lunch with my mate, before a short walk and play with his kids before I headed back to the Big Smoke.


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