Microadventure #3


Totally excited already for a few days, today we were off on another 5pm to 9am mid-week micro adventure. The forecast was looking warm so we decided to prioritise somewhere with evening and morning swimming options over new terrain. B had lent me a 20L pack to challenge me – this was easily achieved given he organised and carried all the catering. (Win!)

Awesome trails, bushy outlooks and the growing anticipation for a cool off saw us arriving near our campsite not long after sunset. We started collecting firewood and soon B broke the news to me that we weren’t the only was on a 5to9 adventure. At least they’d prepared the fire for us?


What a refreshing pre-dinner swim.


Followed up with campfired veggies and haloumi kebabs.

And then damper and an entire wheel of camembert! Lucky I came with an appetite.

We camped out under the stars and were woken up at some point with the bright moon shining directly down on us. The sight was even more impressive as the dawn skies broke.

The other group headed off before us since they were hiking and not running.

More beaut scenery, a grand mid-way swim and then another tea service from speedy legs B before we boarded the train back to the big smoke.

Life’s certainly good!

Mid-way morning swim

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