Faulconbridge to Springwood

Alighting at Faulconbridge Station I had no idea what the trails were going to be like today, having hatched this plan the day before.

We set off down a lovely, graded forest path (Victory Track) alongside Sassafras Creek. The trail was littered in leaves, the trees were grand and the odd overhang added to the wonderment.


First stop was to take in the Clarinda Falls. Not deep enough for a swim, but worth a stop nonetheless.


Then we passed some twitchers, who were probably annoyed that we scared off the birds …

We crossed the Sassafras Gully track and then the Wiggins track before coming to a beaut large pool, where we enjoyed our first swim of the day.


There was a noticeable decline in the maintenance/quality of the track as we headed down to Perch Ponds and even more so as we ran towards Martin’s lookout. It was still mostly runnable and pretty fun.

Another campsite and large pool

We crossed the creek and climbed up to Bunyan lookout and went on further to Lost World Lookout for more breathtaking views.

Back down to the water again for a MUCH needed cool off before heading up the Magdala Creek to Springwood Station.


Lovely trails indeed!


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