Microadventure #2 – Pindar Cave

I left my desk at 16:40 to make the train headed north. This was slightly earlier than the “traditional” 5pm departure time, but we hoped to reach the cave in time for sunset.

We were the only ones to alight at Wondabyne Station – the only train station wholly within a NP in NSW(?). We each stashed a banana and bottle of water for the morning before setting off up the hill. Sadly B wouldn’t have a bar of my attempts to walk the flat parts, but I tried anyway ;) Next were two sections of fire trail before the single trail commenced. This was good, although still a fair bit of uphill. One day I’ll be fitter! Sometimes we had to run a little hunched over, which I found to be good fun. There were a couple of spots with great views and the clouds lit up prettily as we approached the cave.


A miscommunication meant I was standing on top of the cave watching the sunset as B was down at the waterfall! We then collected firewood and got dinner part two on the fire. B produced some rather tasty couscous, which was more than enough to fill both of us. He still cooked up the sweet potato too – and ate them with practically no help from me!!


To boot, he produced two different cans of beer. Good luxury packing there. He lost some brownie points when I caught him checking his beers in though!! It’s so hard to get away from reception these days …

I reheated the waffles I’d made over breakfast that morning and served these with blueberries and cream.

Totally satiated, we sat mesmerised by the fire chatting away again. Eventually B found motivation for the both of us to go up and check out the stars from the top of the cave. ***Just magical***

Finding somewhere flat in the cave proved tough and clearly should have been scouted out before dark, but after take two we had it sorted. This was B’s first time sleeping in a cave. Although I’ve done so a number of times before, I still love the experience. Looking out to the trees with the silhouette of the cave roof is particularly special at Pindar Cave :) One needs to take care with the resident bush rat, who did visit during the night though.

I was awake to watch the sky light up pre-dawn, which was lovely. Then I was packed up and off to make the train. B caught me up in no time at all and then continued out in front to “clear the spider webs for me”. No complaints here.


We hit the station as the train before our intended train rolled through, collected our stashed food and water (a crow had attacked my banana and damaged B’s water flask) and jumped in the misty river. Ah, this is the life.

There was a mum and two boys who came out of the nearby house to catch the same train. They mentioned the bull sharks in the river we’d just swum in :p

Definitely a successful micro adventure!! :D


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