Kurnell to Cronulla, mid-week adventure

A rare novelty, I was 7 mins early for my 4:30pm train to Cronulla. The grand plan for tonight was to run the coastal tracks and meet up with a friend at sunset, who’d be out at Wanda doing some sand dune hill reps for an upcoming race !?!

Strangely the train was already packed (what’s everyone else’s excuse?). I changed onto a bus and got dropped off outside the National Park in Kurnell. My original plan was to start at the end of Polo st, cutting off the headland. However, after alighting and being excited by the prospect of bush tracks once more, I figured I should have enough time and set off in the other direction instead to do the full loop.


It was a little bit of Choose Your Own Adventure working out which trail to take (hadn’t really studied the map) but I was happy with my choices. The tree lined trails were beaut and I was happily alone until I popped out at the Cape Solander Lookout.


The cliffs were stunning and I traveled south, not seeing another soul until I reached the Boat Harbour. I was certainly loving this adventure and the office was already far from my mind. I was trialing out a new pair of shoes and they def made rock hopping more enjoyable too.


I wove in and out from the cliff edge, up and over a sandy hill, past the light house and then past another vehicle access point. There were no 4wds or fisherpeople to be seen.

The tide was low enough to run around the bay (at boat harbour) and then I got a bit excited about the rock hopping and stayed down low too long. But this ended up with bonus crowd support, with some blokes looking down on me and cheering me on. When I got bluffed out I scampered up the heath, and I was clearly not the first person to do this.


I was now on the beach tottering along and smiling at each of the runners I passed. The pre-sunset views were a  beauty. I was worried I’d miss my turn off so stopped to get the maps out (I’d forgotten to study them on my commute – got distracted by my phone!) This would cost me seeing the actual sunset, but meh.


Now I had mere minutes to chow down the road to the rendezvous place. My friend was already there waiting, having finished his sets. I looked down at the dunes and refrained myself from telling him just how crazy he was!


Somehow he convinced me to try one, which I refused unless he punished himself further too! So here i was, with 13km of trail and beach running under my legs, running a 750m sand dune hill circuit! LOL! I didn’t say it, but it was a crazy kind of tormenting fun. Haha!


We took the roads not the beach back to Cronulla (we were both tired), pulling in for a quick dip en route. Now … what to eat for dinner !?! :D


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