Rams Head Snowshoe Trip

Reunited with my outdoors buddy the Graceful Cyclist, after too many months apart, we headed to the Snowys. My plan for months had been to do an overnight snowshoe trip. However, the forecast for the past week hadn’t been inspiring and I’d had a lot less sleep than ideal. So my plan downsized to a day trip and P took over organising it and sorting out gear (legend!) All i had to do was bring sensible attire and be ready for a 6:30am pick up ….

We stopped in Cooma for a tasty breakky and an hour later parked the car at the Cascades. Surprisingly for late Sept, we were able to snow shoe from ~200m from the road (at ~1600m elevation).


We headed up along the Dead Horse Gap Track impressed with the quality of snow, the vistas of gumtrees and made bets on how long until our first stop to satiate The Munchies. (Last snow shoe trip we barely made it 1km!)

Wallaby tracks

Over the first rise we started being able to see the peaks. Occasionally we played with iced over puddles and ponds and often we stopped to admire our surroundings.

We found a seat and P broke out his shovel and excavated while I fished out the thermos and morning tea.


Both the forecasts and clouds suggested the good weather wouldn’t see us through the day, but it did.

We didn’t quite make it to our (well ‘my’ :p) intended lunch destination before P’s stomach called a halt.

I left him to cut a table and chairs while I climbed up the knoll above us for a looksie. I was rewarded with beautiful ice formations on the surrounding boulders. The ridge kept beckoning and so I kept climbing and climbing, it was a true wonderland. Eventually I turned back, concerned at how long I’d been gone – I’d said I’d be 5 minutes … …

I returned in time for a tasty lunch and carrot chips (what else can one call frozen slices of carrot?) It was my turn to play with the saw and build a seat that collapsed as soon as I sat on it.


Post lunch we climbed our selected peak (NE of Rams Head) and laid down on one of the rocks after devouring half a block of chocolate together.

This was just magic. It was so quiet, the sky was blue with puffy clouds whipping past and the old icicle would fall and give off a cascade tune. Bliss!


Eventually we convinced ourselves it was time to head back to the car. We had fun choosing a path and having the odd small race.


And the ice formations …. they were something else! I was in my element and so content. The stress of the past few weeks far from my mind!

With elation we made it all the way to the road with our snow shoes still on (who wants to carry those?) Now *THAT* was an awesome day snowshoe trip :D



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