Two fondues overnight bushwalk: Asgard Plateau

We set out on Saturday morning for Asgard Swamp, our base for the weekend, and set up camp at 10am.


The primary objective was to eat a cheese fondue for dinner. It was tempting to crawl into my sleeping bag now that it was set up, but instead, to amuse ourselves until our feast, we visited Valhara Head for morning tea and Ikara Head for lunch.

Looking across at the cliffs from Ikara Head

The terrain was fairly open and our bright coloured clothing was quite the sight.

Walking back along the ridge from Ikara Head

Pre happy hour we headed up to Thor Head. The views were also good.

View from a little below Thor Head

Some of the party enjoyed the rock formations and jumps on top. I didn’t dare …


At last it was time to tuck into our Swiss Cheese fondue dinner and mulled wine (yum!)

Which was followed up with a chocolate fondue. What a feast !! The next day we checked out the old mine


and surrounds in the gully.


Then wandered up to Asgard Head for even more good views.


And many opportunities for Smiffy to sit on cliff edges.


My highlight was looking down onto the Victoria Falls – amazing to see.

Victoria Falls visible from the bottom centre


A close up of the falls

Then it was time to descend back down to the Swamp, pack up camp and head back to Sydney once more.


Terrific company. My annual tradition lives on :)

ASgard Plateau

More photos can be found on Tom’s site here.


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