Salet to Kärlingerhaus (1631m)

It was a late start for various reasons. We boarded the boat from Königssee at 13:30 and enjoyed a lovely, slow ride down the King’s lake.


There were sunny spells at the start and the captain told us many facts over our 1 hour journey. The highlight was when the boat stopped by the Eiswinkel and one of the crew played a trumpet, which echoed down the lake.


Did I mention the rain had just started after a lovely, sunny morning? Alighting at Salet at 14:30 we had 4.5 hours to make the hut by the latest arrival time. The sign told us that it would take about 5 hours and we were carrying kit for multiple days in huts. Time to get moving I guess. Thankfully it wasn’t raining at that moment.

From the ship it looked like the ascent would be straight up the cliff! (Up the Sagereckwand.)

The route we thought we had to take…

Thankfully, it chose a more leisurely approach. One, which went almost straight up the cliff ;) There were fixed chains to assist with the worst parts and it took us about 2 hours to get up this first section. The views down over the lakes Königssee and Obersee were beautiful.


Then the rain started coming and going and we could hear thunder rumbling around.

We came across the Grünsee, which looked amazing. It would be even better on a sunny day with a picnic. At some point the rain set in completely, but the atmosphere was still impressive with the peaks around us. When stopped in a bowl-like plateau high up I saw what looked like a deer and its very tiny offspring. What a treat.

On we walked through a few snow drifts as well. I would have loved to have taken more photos but my camera was now tucked away to keep it dry. In only 3h36mins we reached the hut. Aren’t drying rooms such a novelty :)

We had a good feed and I enjoyed standing outside to take in the Funtensee (which holds the record for the coldest temperature in Germany at -49 deg) and Viehkogel (which looks like a mini Matterhorn) and chatting to other walkers. Blue skies were a lovely backdrop after dinner and a nice change to the weather on the walk in. Now to decide where to go tomorrow :)


Having learnt that the Wasseralm (hut) was indeed open we chose to head east.


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