Kramerspitz (1985m)

With bad weather forecasted including thunderstorms after lunch we got up early to tick off a peak before lunch and then plan some walks for the rest of the week. I chose the Kramerspitz since it has an impressive south face and I could walk there straight from the apartment. The first section was a bunch of switchbacks on a dirt road up to St Martin’s hut. Then we were on single track wondering how long until we would enter the cloud above us. We stopped when we saw a peak poking out of the clouds and used our tourist map to identify which part of the Zugspitze massif this was (it was between the Alpspitze and the Zugspitze). Then we were up in the clouds on a very steep switch back, which was a good bit of fun. On top of a knoll we looked down onto the next bit of track – a slightly exposed traverse across a gravel slope with the odd snow drift.

Happily, we had good footing all the way. This was followed up with a  small, easy scrambling section before we approached the summit from the north.

We were completely in cloud and it didn’t look like it would lift any time soon so we went up a smaller top on the left and took some photos of each of us barely visible only ~25m away.

We climbed to the top and waited for a little but in the end decided to descend down to the Stepbergalm for lunch.

If the weather improved we’d go back up again. On the way to the hut we had many glimpses of the Zugspitze and surrounding mountains, which looked just as enthralling as the clear views I’d seen of them last week. I ordered the soup of the day and was rewarded with the traditional Austrian (?) soup with savoury pancakes in it. Yum. We sat outside with front seat views fo the Zugspitze and watched a number of groups um and ah about a post-lunch climb to the summit since the rain clouds were coming in. We decided there wouldn’t be a view from the top anytime soon so descended in full goretex and rain down to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Where to tomorrow, I wonder?

Kramerspitz, as seen from the bottom

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