Pyramidenspitze (1997m)

Today we set off for Austria with our sights set on the Pyramidenspitze (1997m). It was raining as we left the house and the forecast could’ve been better. It rained almost the entire drive and we were delighted to find the sun shining when we arrived in Kufstein (499m).

We first tackled the never ending stairs, which reminded me of my race only 2 weeks prior. Then we were on a groomed, wide and steep ramp for hours. Hmmm the descent was going to be *fun*

The views were mountain filled and stunning. We’d climbed about 950 vertical metres when we discovered we were out of fruhstück (breakfast) juice. It was time for a slice of Julia’s homemade Russischer Zupfkuchen (Russian pick cake). Think of the best cheesecake (German style of course) and the best brownie you’ve ever eaten and image eating the cheesecake wrapped in the brownie. Delicious.

Russischer Zupfkuchen – think of the best cheesecake (German style of course) and best brownie you’ve ever eaten and imagine eating the cheesecake wrapped in the brownie.

We were now finally off the ramp and on proper mountain single trail. Up on top of the Petersköpfl (1633m) we had a schnapps to toast the panarama before us. There were 3 ladies happily soaking up the rays and atmosphere.

We would have happily stayed for hours but our sights were on the Pyramidenspitze we could now see and the clouds building up in the Inn valley. Could we get up and back before the drenching?

After 4.5 hours we toasted the top, just shy of 2000m (I was tempted to climb the cross) and sat down to our fair of fresh bread and meats. We had a great view and then slowly clouds started forming off the peak (breathtaking) and more clouds were forming in the valley.

It was time to descend.

About 30mins later Julia recognised the signs of an incoming thunderstorm so we kept the pace up. We said goodbye to our single trail circuit and were back on the ramp. With about an hour to go it started spitting rain and we passed the hut where a large group planned to celebrate a birthday that night. On we went and then the heavens opened and delivered a barrage of marble-sized hail. We cowered next to a rock that provided a tiny bit of shelter and used my walking poles and then even our packs to protect our heads. Def type 2 fun!

Soon it abated and we were back at the cars delighted with how the walk went, that our knees held up and at the knowledge we’d be eating Käsespätzle for dinner.


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