Coburger Hütte

We started the day with a tasty, traditional Bavarian breakfast of weisswurst, pretzels, sweet mustard and wheat beer.


Then we headed down through Garmisch-Partenkirchen with our via ferrata gear packed and absolutely clear views of the surrounding mountains. The Zugspitze was in prime viewing position. On we drove into Austria and as we pulled into Ehrwald I looked up at a spectacular mountain that I longed to climb. The map told us it was called Drachenkopf (dragon head) and I noted this for another trip.

The walk started with a steep ascent through the pine forest and over many tree routes. Then we went up a steep moraine which was getting harder and harder to find traction on before we found a good route up the very edge.


We had a sensational view of the Austrian side of the Zugspitze from a lookout and then proceeded with a very fun and technical climb up the mountain with a few permanent chains to assist. After a small downhill section we found ourselves at the Seeben alpine lake.

It was a beautiful blue colour in the middle and a ring of teal/green around the outside. There were drifts of snow nearby and sooo many surrounding peaks.

Sadly our via ferrata route was closed because of a severed rope (and probably all the snow still around) so we took the snowy switchbacks up to the Coburger Hut (1959m) with the promise of a crisp pre-lunch beer. It was fun trudging up through the snow and there were quite a few people on this section of the route.


Sadly the hut was still closed from the winter season so we had a schnapps instead (who doesn’t carry a hip flask?). A tasty lunch looking down onto the frozen-over Dragon lake and a look at the map showed we were right next to the Dragon head mountain we’d seen from below. Sadly we didn’t have quite enough time to attempt it so we sat in awe of our surroundings for about an hour, soaking up the sunshine and views and watching the odd mini avalanche.

We found another technical route on the way down and devoured a beer at the hut at the bottom before heading back to Munich. It’s so good to be back in the Alps!


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