Hawkesbury River Cycle Tour

Staring down a surprisingly hot forecast for the October long weekend (36 deg!) there were a number of enthusiastic cyclists (36 minus those yet to have their caffeine injection) at Windsor Station at 10am on Saturday. Our destination was the Mills Creek Campground about 6km from Wiseman’s Ferry.

Chris led us through a safety spiel and handed out route notes before the “fast pack” took off to make a 2:30pm date with the Wiseman’s Ferry pub courtyard and the AFL grand final. The rest of us made our way there a little more leisurely.

It was a hot ride out of Windsor but soon we found ourselves riding through turf farms (ever seen one of those before?) with the sprinklers turned on. We resisted riding back and forth a few times to cool off.

IMG_5857 IMG_5859

Past gorgeous water vistas, interesting rocks and crazy boats and/or houses we rode. A memorable stop was at Cliftonville Lodge Resort kiosk for icy poles, a water top up and a dip in the river (finally! Sadly pretty much all of the accessible riverfront is privately owned.)

IMG_5887 IMG_5888 IMG_5889 IMG_5989

There were exciting ferry crossings

IMG_5898 IMG_5904

A stop at the pub (so many bicycles!)

IMG_5896 IMG_5893

And a beautiful camp spot after a long ride


We returned to Sydney the same way. With a finish at the gelateria :)

IMG_5878 IMG_5874  IMG_5993  IMG_5996

Thanks for organising this. I need to get into more cycle touring!


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