Brugge to the North Sea via the Dutch Border

How to fill a day with a forecast for rain until 8pm and a visit from my cycle touring buddy the Graceful Cyclist? By hiring a Dutch city bike and taking a trip down Napoleon History Lane.

To be precise, we headed down the canal to Damme, a picturesque medieval town and our first stop of the day (coffee).


This canal was created by Spanish prisoners of war in an attempt by Napoleon to connect two of his ports when his movements in the North Sea were hindered.


On the way we abandoned our bikes to manually ferry across to the other bank and back (whee).


Before crossing into Holland (I don’t think I’ll even tire of the novelty of border crossings) and eating more fries than our stomachs knew what to do with.


38km after setting out we hit the North Sea at Het Zwin and enjoyed some relaxation before the ride back to Brugge.


I bet this blue-bike has never ventured so far from Brugge before!


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