Running, Swimming and City exploring (Nice, Day3)

Day 1 was climbing and caving. Day 2 was Via Ferrata and Hiking. So what would Day 3 have in store? This morning’s program was to walk down to the Mediterranean, go for a dip and return home before lunch.

The day started with the usual feast in the backyard of fresh baguette, jam, honey, coffee and tea. I think we skipped dessert this morning since we would soon be swimming.

I learnt that my goggles and runners would be a good idea. I wondered exactly how intense this session was going to be…


We ran 5.5km with a 250m decline to the Mediterranean via a beautiful forrest path in the middle of the city! Then stripped down, donned our goggles and enjoyed a freestyle lap 750m along the coast of Bamboo Beach in front of the Radison Hotel and then back again. And then the real test began … to run back up the hill! Crikey!
A quick shower, change of clothes and a bus ride later we were back at the beach looking less sportier than only slightly earlier on.


N & A had booked a very special and delicious (!) lunch for me at Chez Palmyre. A restaurant that requires pre-booking. Alain’s intuition was on the money – he’d booked us in for the afternoon with the worst weather of the week. Good call. We got 3 different dishes for each course and rotated plates at regular intervals. My tastebuds enjoyed this immensely!


Post lunch we explored the old city. It reminded me a lot of Italy with the types of buildings and tight streets. My favourites was the main fountain and xxxx square. It’s not often one can see so far in the middle of a city. Plus the kids were having a great time playing in the water.

Nice really seems to have a bit of everything!



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