La Baou de Saint Jeannet and La Grotte des Carranques (Nice, Day1)

The weather forecast and sky were looking ominous this morning. The original plan was to go caving in the morning and climbing in the afternoon, however we reversed the plan. There were supposed to be afternoon storms and JC insisted the rock was currently dry.


La Baou de Saint Jeannet is the rocky mountain sitting above St Jeannet – a beautiful stone-housed village. A steep climb up and we were at the crag. The clouds were looking like light rain, which was enough for another change of plans. Instead of doing the multi-pitch to the top of the mountain we simply did several climbs at the first pitch – so we could make a quick escape to the cars if necessary!

IMG_5376 IMG_5406

I was challenged on the climbs but made it to the top of each one with some helpful tips from below. Having built up an appetite we devoured a massive Plat de Jour and beer as the clouds parted.


After lunch we caved through La Grotte des Carranques. Stalactites, stalagmites, curtains, etc as well as squeezes and clambers.

IMG_5472 IMG_5466


Oh and did I mention dessert with every meal ?!?! What a first day! How could tomorrow top this?


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