Hohen Freschen, 2004m

The hospitality I’ve been shown in Rankweil is incredible. Today, 3 people took time off work to go hiking with me (since it’s not every day that I can pop by from Australia they said) and the fourth took an early mark to pick us up and hang out for the evening. The Austrian band from Nepal was back together.

IMG_4759 IMG_4764

It was another very warm day and the views were impressive once more. From the house we could see Hohe Kasten, where I celebrated my first Swiss birthday a few years ago. We cycled to the other end of town (a mere two or so kilometres) to meet up with Elmar and Maya and caught the bus to Bettbad. We made good time to reach the peak where we indulged with schnapps from a hip flask, landjäger and käse (was sonnst?) It was just like 2 years ago in Nepal. The boys had delivered, as promised.

IMG_4767 IMG_4768

Shortly afterwards, on the decent, we hit the first “tankstelle” (“petrol station”) as Elmar calls it, where one can ‘refuel’ with a beer or cider (i.e. a hut), and then the second one not long afterwards! Somehow we managed a free schnapps at each tankstelle and the cider was extremely good.

IMG_4778  IMG_4783

Paul picked us up at the bottom and we reminisced the night away. Thanks guys!


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