Today I was picked up from Feldkirch train station by one of the Austrian trio whom I met in Nepal 2 years ago whilst attempting the Manaslu trek. We stopped in at the house long enough for me to drop my bags and try out the bicycle that Thomas had borrowed from his 15 year old nephew for me (he’d remembered that I’m a little vertically challenged). Suddenly I found myself, unknowingly, on a 3 hour bicycle tour (without sunscreen or a hat – oops) of Rankweil, Feldkirch and surrounds. It was stunning. Every now and then we’d pull in for an apfelsaftschoerle, lunch or beer. Almost the whole trail was separated cycle paths amongst farms and along the river – so very, very nice. As I found myself hurtling down a steep hill with a couple of sharp turns I had to laugh out loud and shake my head at the sheer craziness of not wearing a helmet (it’s not compulsory here so my host didn’t have one to offer me) … but as they say, “When in Rome”.


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