Sulzenauferner Glacier and Beiljoch (2676m)

The ziel (goal) for today’s hike in sight, we first drove past two sections of roadwork where they were clearing up a crazy amount of mud from landslides that happened a few days earlier.


We set out below the treeline and meandered our way to the first alm (a cow’s summer residence) with quite a view to behold – an open valley with a 200m high waterfall and the lunch hut in view above it.

IMG_4651 IMG_4663

I took the “wild water” fork and found myself (attempting to stand) next to this powerful waterfall throwing spray and wind at me. It’s hard not to put one’s puny human thoughts and worries in perspective against such nature! A clear Tirol soup with knoedel for lunch (yum) and then I parted ways with my hosts.

IMG_4682 IMG_4707

They returned the same way and picked me up from the other end (thank you !!) whilst I continued to climb. First visiting the Blue lake and then the Sulsenauferner Glacier.

IMG_4704 IMG_4713

The view was sensational so I took a seat and enjoyed the whole glorious show to myself for a very long time before finishing the ascent and then descending to meet my hosts once more and enjoy another tasty bbq dinner with my old climbing buddies.

I promise to come back and stay at the Sulzenau Hut next time!

IMG_4733 IMG_4739


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