Hochschwab, 2277m

I’m back in my alpine playground so it’s time I write another blog post. This time I’m in Austria and although I’ve hardly spend very much time here in the past I already feel like it’s home. The buildings, the food and the mountains deserve credit for this. Today saw me squealing in delight as the driver rounded a bend and I saw our day’s goal for the first time. I’d forgotten the look of such alpine wonders. The forecast of 34 degrees (Celsius) was not going to stop me now.


We started in Bodenbauer with a lovely ascent through the woods before we ditched the tree line and put some serious ascent below us.

IMG_4563       IMG_4571

Check out the ladders in the photo below (looked like a caterpillar from a distance).

IMG_4577   IMG_4581   IMG_4583

Once you’re up there are an abundance of peaks to choose from.

IMG_4593    IMG_4596

And beautiful alpine flowers to appreciate.

IMG_4613   IMG_4586 IMG_4619

And animals such as marmots, chamois and ibex to behold.


Not to mention the caaaaaaaaaake !


(This apparently was a single serve)


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