Day Two: Young Forks Campsite to Siberia Hut

Had a bit of a late start after finally getting back to sleep once my heart rate recovered from the earthquake. I made my way along the Young River South Branch and loved the section through the forest along to Young Hut. It was soooo green and pretty.


At Young Hut I stopped for a meal break and hung my tent over the railing to dry, which didn’t take very long. I shook the dead midges off, packed up once more and continued the ascent, eventually entering a basin with impressive peaks around.


It was time to cross Gillespie Pass.


The weather was perfect, the views stunning and I didn’t think Mt Awful (below) looked awful (maybe it’s awful to cross ??)


I had the whole place to myself, which was an absolute treat. I descended back down out of the alpine wonderland to Siberia Hut. I came across a Whio pairing, which was a beautiful way to end the day. I arrived at the hut as the sun was setting and everyone was tucking in for the night (perfect).

Here are the links to the other days: Day 1, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8.


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