Day One: Blue Pool Carpark to Young Forks Campsite

Somehow kitted out with eight days worth of food after a last minute change of plans (my friend pushed our meet-up back 1.5 weeks) I was on the track before it fully sunk in that I had some serious kms to cover and it was already 14:30. I had only just finished a 5-day hike the day before and had had not chance to visit a pub or gelateria! Huge shout out to the Lake Hawea General Store for their food selection and to Pip for dropping me off.

Only an hour in and already I was impressed with the hike I’d chosen, as I walked past beautiful blue pools and saw so many native birds (they must have a successful stoat trapping program in this area). I spent the whole afternoon walking through beech forest. After crossing the Young Forks swing bridge I came across a campsite shelter with impressive scenery – waterfalls cascading down the steep slopes around me.


I’d planned to walk a little further, but decided to pitch my tent. There was such a flat, cleared spot that I couldn’t resist! Perhaps my only wish was for the midges/sand flies to depart? They are now sleeping on the inside of my tent outer. Obviously ready for the morning assault!

******* Zzzzzz ********

2am: Earthquake!

I woke with a start realising that I had no idea what to do in this situation. I was completely alone and camped in a valley downstream from a dam. The warning at the campsite had stated not to camp here during heavy rain. I’d camped here because there was no rain forecasted. But could the earthquake have been enough to crack the dam ?!?! I questioned whether I should get up and start climbing up out of the valley. After a moment of indecision I decided that if the dam had burst I’d likely be in trouble already, so rolled over and went back to sleep.

******* Zzzzzz ********

When I awoke several hours later there was quite a chill in the air but no frost. This almost frost had left a lot of dead midges on my tent. Argh.

Here are the links to the other days: Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8.


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